Alumni Spotlight! Where are they now? Elizabeth Zanghi, FCRH ’15

Elizabeth Zanghi, FCRH '15

I am a second semester graduate student in Paris, France. I’m working towards a Masters degree in Art History, specializing in Byzantine art, at the Sorbonne.

Memories of Fordham

Favorite Fordham Memory?

My thesis defense!

What do you miss most about Fordham?

I honestly miss my classes at Fordham. Of course there were days when it was difficult getting out of bed for an 8:30, but my Fordham professors really made class so intellectually stimulating, and I miss the discussions they created.

And of course I miss my friends!

Words of wisdom for current/new Art History Majors?

Art History may not be the sexiest major, and a lot of people will sarcastically tell you, “Your parents must be so happy you’re in such a lucrative field,” but don’t pay any attention to them. There are so many exciting opportunities in Art History, and if it’s your passion, it’s the best thing for you.